Our rise & recline chairs in our showroom in Rochford (near Southend) , Essex.

The Dual Motor Chair Bed

The All Terrain Mobility Chair Bed is a supremely comfortable, fully reclining, dual motor-rise and recline chair-suitable for sleeping on!

Available from All Terrain Mobility (near Southend, Essex).  Tel: 01702 540800

The All Terrain Mobility Chair bed is fitted with quiet dual motors which will assist you in getting out of  the chair by gently raising you to your feet:-

All Terrain mobility Chair Bed Riser Recliner Chair -pictured in the raised position in oatmeal.
If you need help getting out of a chair the All Terrain Mobility Chair-bed will gently raise you to your feet at the push of a button!

The chair can  be reclined to a horizontal position and the dual motor function allows the back and foot rest to be operated independently of one another allowing your position in the chair to be ‘fine tuned’ for ultimate comfort.

If a person needs to be sat completely straight in the chair with their feet fully elevated a dual motor rise & recline chair is a ‘must’.

The All Terrain Mobility Chair bed  is also ideal for those who will need to spend a lot of time and / or sleep in their chair.  There is even the option to add a tailor made mattress to the chair to increase the comfort if required:-

The All Terrain Mobility Chair Bed Riser Recliner Chair with the optional mattress in a fully reclined 'sleeping position'.
If you need to sleep in your chair it will recline to a fully horizontal position and a mattress is available for added comfort!

The All Terrain Mobility Chair Bed comes with a heavy duty frame that will take up to 27 stone. A waterfall back offers excellent lumbar support and zipped upholstery allows extra padding to be added or removed as to individual requirements.  The plush fabric comes in a choice of 5 gorgeous colours which can be chosen to blend in with existing furniture.   The chair is operated by a simple easy to use hand control with a key that can be removed to stop children from playing with it!    The All Terrain Mobility Chair bed comes with a battery back up system to be used in the event of a power cut.

 Features of the All Terrain Mobility Chair bed:

  • Waterfall Back for excellent spinal support
  • Dual motor functionality for an infinite number of recline /lounging positions
  • Reclines fully to function as a bed
  • Optional mattress available
  • Comes with washable arm and head covers
  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • Emergancy battery back up

What can I expect when I purchase a rise & recline chair from All Terrain Mobility?

  • You won’t have a long wait!  We can usually deliver and install your rise & recline chair within a few working days!
  • We offer a personal service – delivering and installing the chair our-selves  so we can make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
  • You will be well looked after as  All Terrain Mobility Pride themselves on providing the highest standards of after-care

How do I know if an All Terrain Mobility Chair Bed is right for me?

To give you an idea of whether a chair you are interested in will be suitable we always recommend you to visit our showroom so that you can try before you buy!

 At All Terrain mobility we have an excellent range for you to chose from and would recommend where ever possible to try out a few chairs before making your final decision.  

Of course there are circumstances where it is not possible to try out a chair before buying it  so to help the chairs specifications are below:

  • Weight capacity -27 stone (170 kg)
  • Back width- 76cm (30″)
  • Seat to floor- 51cm (20″)
  • Seat depth-53cm (21″)
  • Seat width- 51cm (20″)
  • Top of back to seat- 68.5cm (27”)

Available Colours:

The All Terrain Mobility chair bed is available in a plush oatmeal coloured fabric.
The All Terrain Mobility chair bed is available in a plush Almond coloured fabric.
The All Terrain Mobility Chair bed is available in a plush Burgundy coloured fabric.
The All Terrain Mobility chair bed is available in a plush Aqua (deep blue) coloured fabric
The All Terrain Mobility Chair bed is available in a plush spruce (dark green) coloured fabric


Our plush All Terrain Mobility Chair Bed in our showroom in brown with a waterfall back. Our showroom is in Rochford, (near Southend) in Essex.
The All Terrain Mobility Chair Bed on display in our show-room ready for you to try before you buy!
To find out more please feel free to call us on:
Tel: 01702 540800


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