Rise and recline chairs

Rise and Recline Chairs

If you are struggling to get in and out of a chair, need to raise your feet or even need to sleep in a semi upright position an electricly operated rise and recline chair could be of real benefit to you!

Available from All Terrain Mobility (near Southend, Essex).  Tel 01702 540800

At All Terrain Mobility we have a large range of rise and recline chairs in different shapes and sizes, fabrics, colours and styles and in single and dual motor options.

We strongly recommend anybody wishing to purchase a rise and recline chair to visit our show room and sit in a number of our rise and recline chairs .   As we all have different shaped anatomy and need support in different areas experience has shown often its impossible to tell from looking alone which rise & recline chair will be right for an individual!

When trying out our rise and recline chairs most customers find there is one particular rise & recline chair that stands out as being ‘the one’.  The only way to find out which rise & recline chair it is is to try a few!

When choosing a rise and recline chair you can also chose from either a single or dual motor rise & recline chair.

With a single motor rise and recline chair the back and the foot rest move together -(however the rise & recline chairs have been programmed so you can still remain in a relaxed seated position with your feet raised ( the TV position).

With a dual motor rise and recline chair  you can operate the foot rest and back independently giving you more precise control of your position in the rise and recline chair.

Both dual motor and single motor rise & recline chairs are equally popular with some customers preferring the simplicity of a single motor chair and others preferring to have that bit more control over their position.

When buying a rise and recline chair from All Terrain Mobility you can be assured that all our chairs are of premium quality.  When visiting our showroom our experts will assist you in finding the right rise and recline chair for you.  You will be able to chose from a variety of fabrics and colours.

Normally we will be able to deliver and install your rise and recline chair within two working days.  We do this ourselves and will run through with you again how to operate your rise & recline chair and answer any questions you have.  We are also more than happy to  move around any furniture completely free of charge.  Delivery is also free of charge (providing you are local).

Our chairs come with guarantees of up to 5 years and should you have any problems with your chair-you have the assurance that we will be on-hand to resolve them for you quickly!

For details on the rise and recline chairs we have available and their specifications please visit the following pages :

The Royale Rise & Recline Chair Range

The ‘Petite’ Single Motor Rise & Recline Chair

The ‘Leonardo’ Single Motor Rise & Recline Chair

The ‘Tilt-In-Space’ Rise & Recline Chair

The Dual Motor Chair Bed


If you would like to try our rise and recline chairs or have any questions please visit our showroom:-

All Terrain Mobility, 113 Southend Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1HX

ring us on : 01702 540800

or contact us via our website:-


Please find below some pictures of the rise and recline chairs we currently have in our show room:-

Rise and recline chairs,
Our rise and recline chairs

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