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Mobility Scooter / Powerchair Maintenance & Servicing.

When you purchase a mobility scooter / powerchair  one thing you may be wondering is ‘what do I need to do to look after it’?

The good news is that mobility scooters/ powerchairs are fairly simple pieces of machinery and are easy to maintain . However we would recommend an annual service to keep your mobility scooter / power chair in tip top condition.

As a mobility scooter / powerchair user the main items you may need to replace are batteries and tyres.  These consumable items gradually wear as the mobility scooter/ powerchair is used.


Please find below some answers to the  questions we frequently get asked about mobility scooter and powerchair tyres and batteries:-


 Mobility Scooter/Powerchair Batteries- Frequently asked Questions:


How often should I charge my mobility scooter/ powerchair ?  

The type of batteries that are used in mobility scooters/ powerchairs like to be regularly charged up!  We would therefore recommend that the scooter/ powerchair is charged up after every use and if the mobility scooter/powerchair is not being used the batteries are at least charged up on a weekly basis. It is perfectly safe to leave your mobility scooter/powerchair on charge all the time (when not being used) as the charger works on a ‘trickle charge’ and will top up as needed.  If the batteries are left for a long period without being charged a chemical reaction will occur making them useless so they have to be replaced.

How much does a mobility scooter/powerchair cost to run?

A mobility scooter /powerchair is very cheap to run and the batteries cost pence to charge up – a lot cheaper than filling up a car.  When well looked after batteries can last up to several years and should last at least a year.  The cost of replacement batteries varies according to the size with an average pair of 34 AH batteries costing £195.

How do I know if need new batteries?

If you find that you are not getting the range out of your mobility scooter/ powerchair or the power seems to be going down a lot more quickly  you may need new batteries and we can test them to find out if this is the problem!

How long before my batteries need replacing?

This depends on the size of the batteries, the quality, the weight of the scooter, the type of terrain and the amount you use the scooter/ chair and whether you keep the batteries charged up. Cheap batteries are often poor quality (you pay for what you get) and will not last as long.  We stock and recommend MK batteries which are widely accepted as the best and most reliable on the market.  Batteries bought from All Terrain Mobility come with a years guarantee.   As part of your annual mobility scooter /powerchair service we check your batteries and replace if necessary*.



Mobility Scooter Tyres-Frequently asked questions:

How do I know if my tyres need replacing?

The tread on the tyres will gradually wear as you use the scooter.  As part of your annual service we check the condition of the tyres as well as the pressures and will advise you if replacements are needed.  Normally tyres last several years before they need replacing.

How can I prevent punctures?

It is important to make sure tyre pressures are maintained as punctures are more likely to occur if  pressures are too low.

With OKO Puncture Sealant !  We are your local appointed agent for OKO puncture sealant, which is used by NATO for puncture proofing their military vehicles.  This will help prevent the majority of punctures.  All of our new mobility scooters are supplied with OKO puncture sealant.  To supply and fit OKO puncture sealant costs £50 per mobility scooter, if carried out with a standard service.

What do I do if I get a puncture?

We recommend our mobility scooter customers to take out our PLUS insurance policy which covers the cost of recovery.  Our workshop is equipped with inner-tubes and tyres of all shapes and sizes and our engineers are happy to come out to fix your puncture should you need it!


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*Cost of replacement batteries is not included in the price of a service


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