One of All Terrain Mobility's curved made to measure stairlifts!

Stairlift FAQ’s

Answers to questions we are frequently asked regarding All Terrain Mobility Stairlifts.

If you have any further questions please contact All Terrain Mobility on 01702 540800 or visit our showroom:  All Terrain Mobility, 113 Southend Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1HX

Do I need a stairlift?

An All Terrain Mobility stairlift could be the ideal solution to allow you to continue living independently in your home if you are struggling to get up and down stairs on a regular basis.

How much will an All Terrain Mobility stairlift cost me?

The price of an All Terrain Mobility stairlift is very individual and will depend on the length of track, the number of bends (if a curved lift) and further specific options. The good news is that All Mobility’s stairlift engineers are the only stairlift engineers we know that have the skill to re-engineer curved stairlift track  The stairlift track is disassembled to its component parts and reproduced to suit individual staircases. This enables All Terrain Mobility to be quicker, less costly and more professional than our competitors. All All Terrain Mobility stairlifts are built to very high standards and covered with a 12 month guarantee. All Terrain Mobility’s reconditioned stairlifts are absolutely first class.  All of All Terrain Mobility’s stairlifts have  been checked and tested to ensure that they really are as good as new when they are fitted. They are all guaranteed for 12 months, just the same as new stairlifts, and the same care and attention is applied during the whole experience. You will be left with a stairlift that really is as good as new at a fraction of the price!

How much does an All Terrain Mobility stairlift cost to run?

An All Terrain Mobility  stairlift cost pennies a year to run! All All Terrain Mobility stairlifts are battery powered and very environmentally friendly!

My staircase is very narrow/curved/steep can I still have an All Terrain Mobility stairlift? 

All Terrain Mobility  stairlifts are very versatile, slimline and use the tightest track. Our stairlift engineers are some of the most highly skilled in the industry and are often able to provide safe solutions to the most difficult staircases where other companies have not been able to help.

Is my wall strong enough to support an All Terrain Mobility stairlift?

The All Terrain Mobility stairlift is actually attached to the tread of the stairs so you do not need to worry about the strength of the wall!

How long will I have to wait for my All Terrain Mobility stairlift?

We have an emergency service for urgent requirements where we will aim to fit your All Terrain Mobility stairlift the next day (if required).  As our stairlift engineers craft the stairlifts on site there are no long waits for the stairlift to be manufactured.

Is an All Terrain Mobility stairlift noisy?

All Terrain Mobility  stairlifts are run off a battery powered motor so are very quiet.

How much room will my All Terrain Mobility stairlift take up?  Will other people be able to use the staircase without using the lift?

Our stairlift engineers use the tightest track ensuring there is plenty of space for the stairs to be used normally when the stairlift is not being used.

What happens if there is a power cut? 

Your All Terrain Mobility  stairlift is battery powered so will continue to work in the event of a power-cut.  If you have a powered swivel seat mechanism the manual seat swivel may need to be used.

What happens if I have a problem with my All Terrain Mobility stairlift?

All of our All Terrain Mobility stairlifts are covered by a years warranty.  Because our stairlift engineers live locally they will be able to get to you quickly in the event of a problem. There are no long waits or tedious call centres to go through if you need service! After your first year is up you have the option to either take out an inexpensive yearly service contract or call our stairlift engineers on an ‘as needed basis’.

What should I expect from a home visit?

When All Terrain Mobility come to visit you at home we will make a thorough assessment of the dimensions of your staircase and your personal needs. We will assess your mobility and provide a written quotation for the entire cost of the stairlift including installation and after-care.  The assessment is completely FREE of charge and we will put you under absolutely no pressure to buy from us.

Do I have to pay for a quotation?

Our assessments and quotations are completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to buy.  

Do I have to give a deposit/ pay upfront?

We only take payment when the job is completed to your satisfaction! 

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